Sister blog to WordPress "Thought You Might Light This"

Sunday, January 4, 2015


DiAnne's Place is being revamped to accompany my new WordPress blog "Thought You Might Like This".  Reason being is there were a few things over here I felt worth sharing and quite frankly why reinvent the wheel?  This way I'll be able to share right from here. And what is better, my DiAnne's Place followers will be included as well.  While the "Place" has been quiet since early in 2013 hopefully a few people are still around. Here is a link to the first post already issued from the WordPress blog which is the main blog I hope you will visit and follow.  I also have a poetry blog there, "poetry and then some" at https://dianneebejer.wordpress.com.  Thank You and Happy New Year!

https://diannesthingsat.wordpress.com "Let Me Introduce You to a Vampire Mom"