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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Equal Press Is Only Fair

In my Poem for Grand daughter I mention that before her there was Grand son  Jack so I feel it would be cheating not to give him equal time, or at least a little photo press here.  He's such a sweet heart!  He will be 9 in October.  I present Jack  "Preppy"
Below is a slightly revised   "For Natalie " the one I ended up sending to her...I actually just got the birthday pictures today.  Her birthday was in April but when I saw that snake picture it just tickled me with inspiration to write the poem.  You may recall we just got back from Charleston SC for her first ballet recital.  Well, this actually turned out to be her last as she has decided to "move on "  to tae kwon do which I must admit suits her personality to a  " T  " . 

For Natalie
All my life I've dealt with boys
snakes and dirt instead of toys
They knew my first name in the local ER
Big wheels stuck on toes,  hair stuck in tar
I had two of my own that were wild as boars
Then I remarried and I got two more
But then to my happy and wondering surprise
A son and daughter in law pregnant before my eyes!
I paced in that birthing room fro and back,
Here came the baby,,,,,beautiful "Jack"!
I loved him so much I'll have to say,
Girls just didn't matter on that wonderful day.
But a couple years later they "blossomed" once more -
I said, I'm not even going through that girl door!
But of course the "frills" were in the back of my mind,
And here came "Natalie", ONE of a kind!
I honestly didn't know quite how to react
I thought I might break her as a matter of fact,
I bought dolls and pink blankets and girly things of all manner
I even bought a how to do girls Grammy planner,
I made up a room full of  girly and more,
They loved to see me coming at the baby store!
But as time passed we began to see through the joys,
The frill girl started acting just like the boys!
I needn't have stocked up on all that pink lace,
Cause we  got us a Tom-girl with a green snake face.
And just so you know, she did get a pretty birthday dress as well even though it didn't last long.  :)

They do grow up so fast!

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