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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Sun Magazine | We Are Not Worth More, They Are Not Worth Less


This is a snippet from a Sun Magazine e-mail I just received. I subscribed to Sun years ago, then quit and then started up again recently. Earlier in the week I posted a small excerpt from this article. I should have known they would be featuring it in thier on line news as it was a riveting interview. While this is not the entire content it still presents a vivid picture of Brian's message.

This had such a deep effect on me on so many levels. I have not completely sorted out just what exactly this effect means or what in the world we can do to tackle this gigantic monster problem facing us all. As for the aspects of war touched on here I'm deeply torn. I protested the war in Vietnam and then watched friends I loved dearly be killed or come home from fighting to be spat upon by their own countrymen. How does one reconcile that? I still don't quite know.

Enjoy the article. Brian has a Facebook Page "Paying the Price for Peace" for which he did dearly. Sun Magazine offers meaningful content issue after issue. You may not always agree with it but it will get you thinking.

The Sun Magazine | We Are Not Worth More, They Are Not Worth Less

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